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Quality tactical equipment is always of high priority. Whether your mission involves covert operations or a harsh/austere environment the last thing on your mind should be the reliability of your equipment. Here at Back Bay USA, we design and manufacture our own products while  prioritizing every small detail in order to have quality products with lasting results. We are your American tactical  company for every demanding service operation. No matter where you are headed, from the rugged mountain wilderness, to pristine waterways, breath-taking coastline, or adrenaline rushing situations, we have the MADE IN USA GEAR that will never disappoint.

Our Mission:

 Our "mission"  is dedicated to providing quality, trustworthy, and cutting edge designs in order for our clients to have the luxury of  using innovative, futuristic equipment that will be reliable out in the field. Back Bay USA, engineers and manufactures professional grade tactical equipment, gear and accessories for various U.S. military units including Marine Reconnaissance, Marine Corps Special Operations Command; Special Operation Commands and Naval Special Warfare Units as well as a variety of government agencies who rely upon high performance, quality and reliable equipment. All products are designed and  manufactured in the United States and are created with a functionality and durability that is field tested and engineered from real life situations.   

Mission Statement:

 The honor and pride we have for our country carries over to our manufacturing process - every product we produce is American made, well-constructed and made to last. We never compromise in the craftsmanship and quality 

american made
All our products are made by us

Being American made, we promote jobs for future generations, promote American independence, and contribute to a cleaner environment for our generation, which includes, the generations to come.

cutting edge design
Get the most accurate value

We take the time to make sure we provide designs that are the latest and greatest without sacrificing comfort and mobility. 

Design, Mark, cut, sew, ship 

Here at BackBay-USA we prioritize every little detail at every stage of manufacturing in order to yield quality products that will make you, the customer, more than satisfied. 


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