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There are a lot of people out there who ask us about how we can help them bring their ideas to market. It goes without saying, we are honored to be able to help those who can benefit by our experience when it comes to design, engineering, and manufacturing. We have the same mindset with all of you who dream about introducing a new high quality crafted product to the outdoors. Our vision for our OEM partners is to fortify your manufacturing ability with made in America products on our California, USA, site. We want you to benefit from our onsite engineering, materials experience and design services that you might not have in your wheelhouse, just yet. We understand that you are just cutting your teeth.

When you’re ready get started, we are proud to be your partner as you to dive into the world of production—including selecting and sourcing materials and high volume manufacturing. We are stoked to give you a helping hand in your new venture.

Here’s what we’ll bring to the table:

• USA-based contract sewing manufacturing
• Made in the USA sewing production and material sourcing
• Precision engineering with onsite Engineer
• Materials acquisition & evaluation
• High quality and high volume production
• Onsite design services combine your vision with our expertise
• Engineering Package includes 2 samples, CAD/Accumark, and design services


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Chula Vista, CA 91911

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