Sr. Chief Jack served as part of an elite force of the US NAVY known as S.A.R.C. (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman), which operates across all branches of the military including Marine Reconnaissance, Marine Corps Special Operations Command; Special Operation Commands and Naval Special Warfare Units. With only 140 members at any given time, S.A.R.C.’s specialize in advanced operations and complex medical situations in the field during combat operations. During his service, Jack displayed a special talent for design and engineering as a result of needing to find practical solutions “on the fly” during deployments.


This included many life-saving tactical and emergency medical applications that would be utilized prior to evacuation. Jack Graham had a dream after serving and turned his dream into reality. Back Bay USA, engineers and manufactures professional grade tactical equipment, gear and accessories for various U.S. military units, government agencies and outdoors men who are serious about high performance, quality and reliability. All products are designed and currently manufactured in the United States and are created with a functionality and durability that is field tested and engineered from real life situations. When Jack isn’t dreaming gear he spends his time on the rugged seas in search of a big game, fly fishing in the Sierras or restoring and racing vintage Camaros.

Urban Crossover Lifestyle Gear
Handmade in the U.S.A.





ZZX Zot Zero with Extension


Executive Hip Pack


Blue Bolt Bag


Cali Three Day Pack


Salt Series Lowtide