A Few Years Back

So a few years back when I was with 1st Force Recon, we went on a training/MEDCAP mission to Honduras. We flew into a base/town at Soto Cano, Honduras. Then we were off to the east coast to a town called Porto Castillo, famous for Columbus's landing in Central America (you know the song ...that “Son-of-a-bitch Columbo”? Well maybe not.) Upon our arrival we had a meet-and-greet and opening ceremonies in 100 degree heat, and 98% humidity. We called it Honduras Hot! Thereafter we judged the heat by Honduras. Just a lovely place to train; but that's what we do.
We started out training with Honduran Marines and Buzos (DIVERS). Just a side note here: If you are a Honduran male under the age of 18, and you get caught outside after midnight in Honduras, you go to jail. If your parents don't come pick your ass up in the morning, you become a Hondo Marine! I have seen Hondo Marines as young as 14 years old, and a Sargent Major at 21 years old!
We start training them in weapons, tactics and medicine, and on day three I had a young Hondo Marine come up and ask me for some aspirin for a headache. This marine was well below the age of 18 and there are some issues with giving non-adults aspirin; things like Reye’s syndrome. My Spanish was not so good at the time, so I told him to give me his hands. He did and I started to do acupressure to relieve his headache. I had just learned some acupressure prior to this trip south, and thought, “What a perfect time to practice it?” Right?
So after five minutes of doing the acupressure, and many weird looks by this young Hondo Marine, it was time to check and see how he was feeling. At about the same time one of my Marines came by and asked what I was doing? I told him about acupressure and I that was relieving the young Hondo Marine’s headache without medications. The U.S. Marine Corporal spoke better Spanish than I, so I asked him to translate for me. “Ask the young Marine how he feels now?” He asked, and the Hondo Marine said he felt great! Then he added: “But the aspirin was for my friend over there; he has the headache!"
The Corporal thought that was funniest thing he’d ever heard, and I had to agree. After that story got out, everyone wanted a aspirin!


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